Finli Release Notes

Platform Updates + Improvements

Stay up-to-date on Finli’s latest product releases + learn more about our newest features.

• Finli is now available on the App Store and Google Play! Enjoy all the same functionality, right from your mobile device. • Pricing Items and inventory levels can now be bulk imported from a CSV. Save time updating quantity on hand and add new pricing items instantly.

• Tired of sending the same invoices over and over again? Save time and streamline your billing process with the new Duplicate Invoice feature! • We've updated the Invoices Tab to show both one-time and recurring invoices in a simplified, organized view - with all the same functionality.

• Your customers can now set up recurring payments or donations through your Pay-by Links! Avoid the headaches of following up on payments - just set it and forget it.

•Transform your Pay-by Link into a customizable donation links! Enable supporters, congregation members, or donors to contribute directly through Finli.

• *NEW* Pay-by Links allow you collect payments without the hassle of creating an invoice. Customers can send your business any amount, at anytime.

• Invoice updates make it easier for customers to share and collaborate on payments. Reduce back-and-forth and get paid faster!

• Share the Finli love with your network, and you'll each get a free month!

• Refunds can now be initiated from within the Finli Dashboard while payments are still in progress. No more waiting, no more delays.

• Get notified about new features from right inside your dashboard - check out What's New!

• Quote and Invoice timelines make it easy to see when customers have viewed your invoices, changes were made, and statuses have updated.

• Make informed decisions about follow-up and understand customer engagement.

• No more uncertainty; know precisely where your documents stand and when they capture your customer's attention.

• Send professional quotes to customers and gain approval on pricing and project proposals prior to invoicing.

• Once customers approve a proposal, convert the quote to an invoice for easy billing.

• Stay on top of new business and improve your customer conversion rate!

• Finli's integration with Quickbooks is finally live! Easily and automatically sync customers, invoices and payments.

• Send and store Digital Receipts as soon as customers successfully complete payment on an invoice.

• Invoices are now automatically numbered and say hello to a new Navigation Bar!

• Introducing a new approval experience for making changes to an invoice when a customer has already scheduled payment. We'll simply confirm the changes with your customer!

• We've improved the Invoice Payer experience with updates to our Payment Links. Payers will now have the ability to easily modify payments and turn on Autopay.

• See all deposits headed to your Bank Account in our updated Deposits Sent view. Click on any deposit to view payment details.

• Batch Invoicing allows you to send identical invoices to up to 50 customers at one time. Save time through this new bulk invoice creation feature.

• Track physical item quantities through our new Inventory Management tool. Built right into the Pricing tab and automatically connected to your invoices, Finli will inform you when its time to restock.

• Updates + Bug Fixes include changes to our Payment and Invoice Statuses, an updated view of Payments Sent to your bank account, improvements to $0 invoices, and a new way to view which customers have signed up for Autopay.

• Introduces team support, internal notes in the CRM, and the ability to manage multiple business accounts with a single login.

• Simplifies invoicing and payment tracking by enabling recording of offline payments on invoices and easy issuance of refunds within the platform.

• Finli's dashboard offers improved search functionality and customer portals for convenient access to payment history, invoices, and self-service options.