At Finli, we help small service businesses streamline the way they collect payments and run their business. From martial arts studios to dog training centers (and everything in between!), we take care of the busy work and day-to-day admin that comes with running a business. 

With Finli, you can set up all your customers and bill them one-time or on a recurring basis, like weekly or monthly. With the launch of our new pay-by-link feature, your customers can now pay you one of two ways when you bill them: by simply clicking a link on an invoice and entering in their payment info and checking a box for autopay OR by downloading the Finli App and setting up their preferred payment method. 

Paying using our NEW pay-by-link feature: 

When you issue an invoice in the Finli portal, your customers will receive it in their inbox (or via text message if they update their preferences). With pay-by-link, they now have the option to click on “review and pay now” directly on the invoice and can enter in their preferred payment method, select if they want to subscribe to autopay, and if they want to pay the bill immediately or on the due date.

This is great for the first time a recurring customer pays you and wants to easily set up autopay (they can always download the app later!). Or maybe it’s a customer that is just receiving a one-time bill for your services so just clicking a button and paying makes sense. This is also useful for customers that don’t have a smartphone! 

Your customers can still pay with the Finli App: 

If your customers are recurring customers, they may still choose to download the Finli app. On the Finli app, they can easily add different payment methods, review past invoices and view upcoming ones. They have extra benefits too—like being able to split the bill with another person or adding grandma to contribute to the bill! 

We’re constantly adding new features to make it easy for your customers to pay you so that you can be paid on time, every time, and spend less time worrying about getting paid and more time doing the thing you get paid for. 

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