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Tag: Covid-19

10 ways to get new customers today!

Thinking of ways to get new students or customers? Check out these 10 tips! 👉 Climb to the top. Make sure your site comes up 1st on internet searches using basic SEO tactics. Don’t have a website? We can help. Reviews! Reviews! Reviews! If you’re listed on sites like Yelp and Google (and you should be), ask your current customers for reviews, and check...

New COVID-19 grants & resources for small businesses

As we continue to navigate the ever-changing pandemic and resulting regulations that impact small businesses, we want our customers who we consider extensions of our family, to know we are here with you.  Below you will find a list of resources our team has identified and felt would be helpful to share with you.  This...

You’re looking to reopen, but are virtual classes here to stay?

Over the past few months, we’ve seen the coronavirus come, seemingly go, and then return once more in some states. Educational businesses felt the sweeping sense of urgency to transition to online classes with the onset of a nationwide shift to remote learning by schools, daycares, enrichment programs, and studios alike. Now, just as online...

Helpful resources during COVID -19

Please see below for some resources we’ve compiled for small businesses as well as some guides to holding your classes virtually. Resources for small businesses Updates and resources from the state of CA including office of the small business advocate >>> Click Here Los Angeles Small Business Development Center Resources for free 1:1 advising >>>...

A guide to holding any kind of class virtually

Getting set up virtually can be daunting! Scroll down for a step-by-step guide and tools to get you up and running. And for some inspiration, check out my kids in the video below doing their martial arts class virtually this week! Need help to get your virtual classes set up? We’re offering a 30 min...

Zoom tips & tricks we’ve heard from our customers

As we’ve all started to migrate online for school, martial arts classes, tutoring and more we wanted to share some tips from our clients on using Zoom to hold virtual classes. Tips for the teacher: 1. When you sign up for Zoom, ensure that you select a Pro Account if your classes are longer than...

COVID-19 best practices, a note from our Founder

Like many of you, I am also a small business owner with questions. How long will this pandemic last? How long will it take for the economy to bounce back? How can I keep my employees and customers safe? As a technology company, it was an easy decision to immediately direct my employees to work...

The Ultimate Virtual Class Guide for Enrichment Schools Part 1

Virtual is here to stay; it’s time to commit to the screen. Teaching has fundamentally changed. Though the initial frenzy created by the onset of COVID-19 has died down, it brought a single question to the forefront of our minds: what will learning, instruction, and classes look like in the future for ballet, karate, piano...

The Ultimate Virtual Class Guide for Enrichment Schools Part 2

Utilize Zoom’s instructor-friendly settings Most of our clients use Zoom to host their virtual classes. We also use Zoom for our clients that part take in Finli’s #standupforsmallbusiness program. There is more to Zoom than the popular “gallery view.” Consider using the following during class: Polling: take attendance easily, ask questions, and get a feel...

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