As we’ve all started to migrate online for school, martial arts classes, tutoring, and more, we wanted to share some tips from our clients on using Zoom to hold virtual classes.


Tips for the teacher:

1. When you sign up for Zoom, ensure that you select a Pro Account if your classes are longer than 40 minutes (otherwise the class will auto-end after 40 min). Note: Zoom is currently offering unlimited meeting minutes to K-12 schools with a valid school email address.

2. Join with your computer audio and mic, but test them beforehand!

3. Make sure you are in the “Gallery” view (top right) so that you can see all the students in one frame.

4. You might think to “mute” everyone when you start – but think twice! If you mute everyone, the students can’t ask questions or call out the answers to the questions you may be asking.

5. You can record separate classes by clicking “Record” in the bottom panel for students who can’t make it (if you are recording the live class, ensure you ask parent permission).

6. For the first session, give the students some time to get used to Zoom. Let them all introduce themselves in front of the camera or share what their background is!


Tips to share with your students:

1. Send them an email ahead of time and have them sign up for the Free Version of Zoom, they just have to click “Sign Up, it’s Free” on

2. Send them your unique link to join the class. You can find this in your profile when you signed up for Zoom. It should look like followed by a bunch of numbers.

3. Ensure that they have their computer cameras, microphones, and audio turned ON for the start of class.

4. Urge them to spend 10 minutes BEFORE class getting set up and know that for the first couple of classes you host, everyone is going to be getting used to using Zoom; be patient – it’s ok!


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