Getting set up virtually can be daunting! Scroll down for a step-by-step guide and tools to get you up and running. And for some inspiration, check out my kids in the video below doing their martial arts class virtually this week!



Create a virtual class in 6 easy steps


1. Download Zoom, a video conferencing software where students can connect and follow a class. They have a lot of resources and we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks from our clients who have gone virtual.

2. Decide on a few classes you’d like to teach that DON’T include equipment, (unless you know your students have access to it):

  • Maybe it’s two, 30 min LIVE classes: one in the morning and one in the evening.

  • Perhaps you build a library of short, 10-12 min recorded classes that focus on skill-building students can tap into.

3. Set up your virtual class space. Protip: Use your regular classroom or studio for the background, if you have access to it. Students will recognize it and it will feel more “normal.” Set up your computer and test various heights and angles before you go live.

4. Create an online schedule easily in Google Sheets. Include days, times, and a description of what you will be teaching, plus you can edit any time!

5. Send an email to your current client list with a link to the schedule, and instructions on how to connect with Zoom. Note: Students are comfortable using Zoom – they are using it for school right now!

6. Figure out how students and parents are going to continue to pay for classes. Will you take attendance in the virtual class and then do a discounted rate, or keep rates the same? If parents usually pay via check or cash, we’re providing Finli for free to help you process their payments online.


As a working parent stuck at home with the kids, I can actually get used to, (and very much appreciate), Ed & Ryan’s classes moving online during school closures. The kids have been complaining all day about how bored they feel and how much they miss their friends. The Wushu class is the highlight of their day. Be safe and take care, everyone.


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