Over the past few months, we’ve seen the coronavirus come, seemingly go, and then return once more in some states. Educational businesses felt the sweeping sense of urgency to transition to online classes with the onset of a nationwide shift to remote learning by schools, daycares, enrichment programs, and studios alike. Now, just as online instruction is becoming the new norm, the news of reopenings in many states has caused the question to arise: should classes stay virtual, should we focus on reopening, or a hybrid of both? 

5 reasons why virtual instruction is here to stay:

  • The future is still uncertain: though some communities are committed to reopening their doors, the majority of the nation is still waiting to see what happens next. School reopenings for fall 2020 are still in the works and under discussion, with many schools looking to adopt a hybrid version of some remote learning and limited in-person classes. Learn more about the discussions around school reopenings in this article by NBC
  • The classroom is no longer the same: with social distancing protocols projected to extend into 2022 (according to Harvard), reopening your doors or studios is no exemption. The amount of students that you may allow back into the classroom will be inevitably diminished and maintaining your online teaching presence is a way to help offset the loss of revenue.
  • Just because doors reopen, doesn’t mean parents will: According to surveys released by Caissa Public strategy, 89% of parents are extremely concerned about their children’s health if schools reopen
  • Perks of virtual learning: While reopening is becoming more of a reality, it doesn’t mean that we should dismiss the slew of benefits that come with virtual learning: from more flexibility and added time (no commute time), to different ways to engage over video (breakout rooms, polling, etc.). Not to mention the biggest benefit of all: hosting virtual classes allows you to expand your client base beyond your local communities, and make use of previously unbooked hours. Learn how Finli can help you earn revenue by teaching to corporations. 
  • Technology, the new wave of education: technology has reached its pinnacle of integration into our everyday lives. Even when we return to physical learning environments, learning how to utilize the tools that are provided to us by technology is critical to success. From digitizing enrollment to touchless payment options now is the time to start implementing these systems.

Though schools and studios nationwide are reaching a crossroads about whether or not to reopen their doors, the question that remains is not should you stop your virtual engagement, but how to compliment slowly reopening your physical doors alongside continued virtual engagement. It may be tough and does require more effort, but the results will be worth it. 

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