Finli for public sector

Finli for Public Sector

Small business tools to lift your community

Finli’s invoicing and CRM platform helps municipalities do more to support small businesses and boost their local economies.

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A win-win for local governments municipalities community groups

Strengthen your local economy with simple and safe digital tools.

Offer SMBs reliable tools

Give neighborhood businesses the tools they need to succeed with Finli’s all-in-one CRM and invoicing platform.

Tap into data insights

Use Finli’s data insights to better allocate community resources and track your lasting impact.

Lift your local economy

Elevate your economy while investing in the small businesses that drive your community forward.

...and the small businesses they serve.

Offer business owners more financial tools and watch them grow in real-time.

Boost more businesses

Help small businesses get paid faster with Finli’s instant digital invoicing via text and email.

Say goodbye to ACH fees

Enable secure payments without ACH fees. Plus, SMBs can opt to charge credit card fees back to their customers. ¹

Build better relationships

Encourage local SMBs to grow their customer bases with Finli’s streamlined CRM and communication tools.

Backed by best-in-class security and support

Plus, small businesses enjoy:

Finli for public sector
Finli for public sector

Backed by best-in-class security and support

Plus, small businesses enjoy:

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"It's a great benefit to have Finli collect payments on our behalf."

Finli reduces our risk and liability, and makes customers more comfortable.”

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