Customer Spotlight: Web Design NJ Saves Time and Money Using Finli for Quote Management and Payments

Web Design NJ Saves Time and Money with Finli

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Web Design NJ is an online marketing company located in Sussex, New Jersey. The company works with clients from all over the US and receiving payments had always been an issue for many years.

Just like others in the niche, Ramona Jar, often complained about having to deal with multiple income streams, big transaction fees, and categorizing income for tax purposes.

Enter Finli.

Saving a Fortune in Fees

All business owners consider transaction fees as a cost of doing business, but wasting thousands of dollars every year just doesn’t seem right. With clients paying through Paypal or Stripe, the business was losing hundreds of dollars every month.

When Finli came out with a monthly fee of just $39, the decision was easy to make: move all contracts and payments onto the new platform.

This move alone allows the company to save thousands of dollars every year, as ACH transactions are free and credit card fees can be transferred to the client (which is impossible with PayPal or Stripe).

Easy Quote Management

For years, creating a quote looked like this: either a boring .doc file, which gets relayed to the client and back for at least 5 times, or having to pay for ANOTHER platform to manage the quotes. And, as luck would have it, some of these quote management platforms cost even more than using Finli. Not to mention that they also limit the number of quotes you can send on a monthly basis. As soon as you go over a certain threshold, you will pay more.

How does it work with Finli?

Ramona creates a series of products in the Finli dashboard, which correspond to various SEO or marketing tasks needed for the client. They come with separate pricing as well, in order for the customer to easily understand how much each task will cost.

The list grows with all the items needed, the quote is sent to the client and 99% of the time it gets immediately approved and paid. Instead of all the previous back and forth, it took the company owner 3 minutes to create the quote, which then got sent via email to the end client.

A freelancer or web design company can send tens or even hundreds of separate quotes and payment requests and not have to pay more, just the fixed $39/month fee.

Automated Payment Reminders

Probably one of the most underestimated feature are the payment reminders. The Finli platform can send automated reminders to clients about overdue payments.

This feature reduces the administrative burden on the agency, allowing them to focus more on the actual work rather than chasing payments.

Most of the time, for a small business, clients tend to be almost like family. And, when they “forget” to pay, chasing payments and sending reminders makes you feel uncomfortable. With these automated reminders, the human factor is taken out completely and you don’t risk your relationships either.

As soon as a payment deadline passed, Finli sends an automated reminder to the client, letting them know when payment was due.

Easy Income Reporting

As we are getting close to the Tax Deadline, many SMBs are trying to gather income and expense data. Using multiple payment management options sometimes triggers duplicate rows. As PayPal and Stripe payments end up in the bank account, when exporting the transactions, you’ll easily encounter multiple instances of the same payment.

Using Finli to track income saved up a lot of money, as all the transactions can be filtered by date (January 1st to December 31st). You can see the exact amount you earned in the past year.

Even better, when trying to see which clients are more “valuable“, just sorting out based on the client’s name will show the income earned from each customer.

Access to Various Payment Types

One cannot force clients to use a single payment method, as many still use credit cards or ACH. There is also the occasional customer who likes to pay via checks.

Fortunately Finli allows to track offline payments, so that, at the end of the year, payments are still being properly categorized and registered.

These are just a few of the perks that come with using Finli for a small business payment management. It’s lightweight, yet packed with features, easy to use and extremely affordable.

Would you like to try it? Sign up today.

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