The 9 Greatest Benefits of Using a Digital Payment System for Your Small Business

The 9 Greatest Benefits Of Using A Digital Payment System For Your Small Business

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As a small business owner, ensuring you get paid by clients on time is a full time job in itself. Following up on unpaid bills, tracking check and cash payments, and managing receipts consumes hours of precious time.

Introducing a digital payment management system can save a small business owner a whole lot of time and headache by automating your payment collection process. They’re not only convenient but can boost customer satisfaction, security, and efficiency. Digital payments are also cost-effective, eco-friendly, and future-proof.

In this article, we’ll explore 10 compelling reasons why you can’t afford to ignore digital payments.

Understanding Digital Payment Systems

A Digital Payment System allows your business to collect payments via ACH (bank-to-bank transfer), Debit and Credit Cards and deposit funds directly into your bank account.

These systems are an upgrade to your entire business operation, as they allow customers to make payment (sometimes automatically) from anywhere, track and store digital receipts, and receive automated reminders for overdue bills.

As a business owner, reducing physical cash handling and check processing alone saves you countless hours, reduces errors, and streamlines bookkeeping. You’ll improve cash flow, as digital payments can be processed instantly and hit your bank account within a matter of days. 

Security is a critical component of a digital payment system. Most use advanced security measures to protect your business and your customers’ data and mitigate the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Upgrading to a Digital Payment System is not just adapting to a digital world, it’s a strategic decision that will allow your business to flourish.

Digital Payments Are Convenient

Accepting digital payments adds a layer of convenience for both you and your customers, streamlining transactions and expanding payment options. It’s a win-win situation. 

As a business owner, you won’t have to worry about handling cash or waiting for checks to clear. Your customers can pay using their preferred method, be it a debit, credit card or ACH.

In a digital age, convenience is king. You’ll notice faster checkouts and increased customer satisfaction. 

Digital Payments Improve Customer Experience

Amid the hustle and bustle of the digital age, digital payments not only streamline your transactions, but also significantly boost the overall customer experience by providing convenience and speed.

Imagine you’re in your favorite coffee shop. You’ve ordered, and now it’s time to pay. Instead of digging through your wallet, you simply tap your phone or smartwatch. In seconds, you’re done. No hassle, no waiting, and you’re off to enjoy your day.

It’s similar for your customers. They don’t need to worry about collecting paper receipts, if they sent that check, or if it will clear. Customers receive a notification as soon as an invoice is sent and can easily pay in seconds with a system like Finli

Digital Payments are Safe

Don’t underestimate the robust bank-level encryption technology that’s implemented in a solution like Finli’s digital payments. These systems are designed to guard your sensitive financial information and protect against potential threats.

Some providers value safety more than others, but at Finli, we have spent years improving our payment safety features to ensure our clients enjoy the convenience of online payments, while protecting their business.

Rest assured, with digital payments, you’re in safe hands.

Digital Payments are Cost-Effective

As a company that started out as simply a payment management system for small businesses, we’re happy to report that Finli is the most cost-effective option you’ll find.

Without sneaky fees or “surprises”, our subscription is capped at $39/month. That’s it. 

ACH transactions come with ZERO convenience fees (most banks actually would charge you at least 1% in commission) and you have the ability to pass on the 3% credit card fee to your customers.

On any payments, you’ll get instant confirmations to speed up your operations and improve cash flow. You’re not just enhancing your business’s efficiency, but you’re also boosting your bottom line.

In today’s digital age, it’s clear that the benefits of digital payment systems extend far beyond security. They’re cost-effective, efficient, and a smart move for any small business owner.

Digital Payments Boost Your Sales

While you’re reaping the benefits of cost-effective operations, you’ll also find that digital payments can significantly boost your sales. The convenience it provides for your customers can’t be overstated. They’ll appreciate the ease and speed of online transactions, and they’re likely to return to your business because of it.

In addition, digital payments open up a new world of potential customers. You’re no longer limited to those who can physically visit your store; anyone with internet access can become a customer.

By making payments stress and hassle free for your clients, you’ll notice they’ll be more likely to “shop” from you. Being able to pay conveniently and securely is an added bonus for any customer.

Digital Payments Improve Business Efficiency

You’ll find that the adoption of a digital payment system can greatly enhance your business efficiency. It’s a game-changer in collecting payments quickly and improving cash flow. No more waiting for checks to clear or dealing with cash handling hassles.

Digital payments simplify your bookkeeping by providing an automatic, real-time record of transactions, making it easier to track sales and identify trends. 

With invoice history features, you can clearly see at what stage each transaction is (sent invoice, payment started, pending transfer etc.), so you don’t have to worry about calling clients to ask if they actually paid.

Finli in particular offers a very clear transaction overview and history, which makes it easy to export data and get it ready for tax filing. No more manual entries – just export your information and submit to your tax-filing system of choice.

Digital Payments Support Business Growth

Digital payment management systems play a pivotal role in supporting business growth by streamlining operations and improving customer experience. 

These systems are not only efficient and reduce the amount of time operators spend on manual processes, but also support healthy customer growth. 

Digital payments significantly improve customer satisfaction by offering convenience and allowing customers to pay how and when they want. With the ability to accept payments from anywhere in the US, your business is no longer limited by geography.

These systems also give operators access to valuable data that informs strategic business decisions. You’ll understand your customers’ spending and payment habits better, have access to more intelligent cash flow information, and can predict revenue more accurately.

Digital Payments Have a Positive Environment Impact

You may not have even considered the positive environmental impact that switching to digital payments can have on our planet. 

These systems help reduce the amount of paper waste you generate, decreasing deforestation, and conserving water resources simply by swapping paper receipts for digital ones. You’ll also be cutting down on fuel consumption and air pollution since there’s no need to transport physical cash or checks to bank branches.

Plus, you’re saving energy. Physical money production is a resource-intensive process, but digital transactions don’t require that. They’re just a blip on a server.

It’s a switch that doesn’t just save you time and money; it also helps you do your part in preserving the environment. So, who said going green can’t be good for business too?

Digital Payments Help You Future-Proof Your SMB

As a savvy business owner, you’re not only caring for the environment with digital payments, but you’re also future-proofing your business against unpredictable changes.

By adopting digital payment systems, you’re preparing your business for the evolving needs of customers who increasingly prefer cashless transactions. You’re reducing the risk of theft and fraud, streamlining checkouts, and improving your cash flow.

This tech-forward approach also helps you adapt to the digital economy, keeping your business relevant in the age of smartphones, apps, and online shopping. Plus, digital payments give you access to real-time data, helping you make informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Potential Drawbacks or Challenges of Implementing a Digital Payment System in a Small Business?

While contemplating digital payment systems, you might have some hesitations around costs of implementation, transaction fees, and cyber security risks. 

When evaluating a provider, make sure you understand the implementation timeline and what security measures are in place to protect your business from fraud and your customer’s personal data.

At Finli, we’re proud that getting set up on our Digital Payment System takes only a matter of minutes, won’t cost you thousands in hidden transaction fees, and protects your business with bank-level security measures. 

Can Digital Payment Systems Be Integrated With Other Business Software Like Inventory Management or Accounting Systems?

Absolutely, you can integrate digital payment systems with other business software like inventory management or accounting systems. This streamlines your operations, saving you time and reducing the chance for errors.

The good news is that Finli has already built in inventory management systems, and transaction history. For our customers, tax season is a breeze with built-in integrations and easy-to-export data from Finli. 

Are There Specific Digital Payment Systems More Suitable for Certain Types of Small Businesses Than Others?

Yes, certain digital payment systems might better suit specific types of small businesses. You’ll want to consider your business’s unique needs and research which systems offer features that cater to those requirements.

Finli was designed especially for SMBs. While other payment systems often cater to larger corporations, we’re proud to champion the small businesses that make up a huge percentage of the US economy. We’ve built a robust payment system to help streamline invoicing and transactions while keeping things easy-to-use and quick to get up and running.

All the time you save by automating your payment collecting, can be spent growing your business. All the transaction fees you avoid is money you can reinvest into your business.

If you read our customer insights, the majority speak of how Finli’s online payment system has helped them grow their SMB and cater to even more customers.


As you can see, there are numerous benefits to a small business that come with implementing a digital payment system. They’re convenient, boost customer experience, and come packed with safety features. They’re cost-effective, efficient, and instrumental in business growth. Not to mention, they’re more environmentally friendly.

Now, it’s time to future-proof your business. Embrace the change, go digital, and reap the rewards. Get started with Finli today.

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