What Small Business Empowerment Means to Us

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Mission statements like “uplifting communities” and “empowering small businesses” get thrown around a lot. But how many companies back their words with action?

At Finli, we’re dedicated to not only state our mission, but to embody it.

When small businesses are empowered, communities thrive

Finli’s name is derived from “financial lift,” empowering solopreneurs with the financial tools and know-how they need to share their gifts with the world. Our CEO Lori founded Finli with the goal of supporting small business owners like her own immigrant parents, who had limited resources and boundless dreams.

We believe that empowering small business owners ignites a ripple effect to every corner of the world. Solopreneurs see things differently, innovating to fill needs in their communities. They’re in touch with the people they work with in the way that big corporations can never be.

Unfortunately, when a crisis strikes, small business owners are the ones that are hit the hardest. That’s why it’s crucial to equip them with the tools they need to survive through the tough times and thrive through the good times.

Our mission is to make sure that every solopreneur feels supported the way an enterprise does. That means meeting them where they are, and helping to simplify payments so they can ensure financial stability and focus their energy on how to impact others.

This philosophy is woven into the fabric of our company and is reflected in the way we do things.

How Finli “financially lifts” solopreneurs

We’re not just a merchant service provider. We designed everything, from our offerings to pricing, to help solopreneurs save time and money by keeping things streamlined and helping them get paid on time.

We keep things simple

We know that searching for a payment processing tool, making sure it integrates with your current systems, and learning how to get value out of it all take time and energy. Our goal is to streamline, not complicate, the way you request and receive money. We help solopreneurs simplify payments by:

  • Providing an all-in-one invoice/payment acceptance option and CRM with email/text communication tools. We’re the QuickBooks for our market size (but cooler).
  • Eliminating the need for PayPal, Square, etc. in addition to Finli – we are the only payment provider you need.
  • Offering a newly simplified pricing model – transparent and consistent every month, so you can forecast what money goes in and out.

We help small businesses get paid on time

Cash flow is crucial for lean businesses. Finli makes sure small business owners receive timely payments by:

  • Automatically following up on unpaid bills, saving the small business owner that unpleasant task.
  • Providing a downloadable CSV file option for all transactions to integrate with other platforms or for tax season (which is coming up).
  • Allowing small businesses to take payments “online” through cards, ACH, or “offline” through Venmo, checks, cash, etc. and still track all invoices and types of payments. We are impartial to how our clients get paid, but we make cards and ACH simpler than other options.

Solopreneurs have taken the time to evaluate their strengths and passions, and have developed a business that lets them share their skills with the people who need their help.

At Finli, we harness the experience of our diverse team of industry veterans to do the same; provide as much value as possible to our target audience, small businesses. We’ve removed the bells and whistles from complicated payment platforms to give solopreneurs exactly what they need – and only what they need – to get paid, so they can focus on what they do best. We come to work excited every day because we get to do what we love, which is helping others do what they love.

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