What Is a Blue-Collar Entrepreneur? 

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Entrepreneurship Redefined


When you think of a business owner, what are your initial thoughts?

Mark Zuckerberg? Steve Jobs? Jeff Bezos?

What about the self-made maid company down the street? Pun intended.

Or the local painter who might not have a website yet? 

What about the people who use their skills and expertise to solve our complex maintenance issues, around the house and within our offices? Or people who are often under-appreciated, whose talents are just as meaningful as the high-tech entrepreneurs whom we read about daily?

As businesses transform their companies beyond the 21st century, it’s no surprise how technology springs up practically everywhere in transactions. Nowadays, your phone might as well be your business partner.

However, most businesses utilize oldfangled terms when classifying white-collar and blue-collar entrepreneurs. Or just “entrepreneur” altogether. When we think entrepreneur, we tend to think CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Or maybe a tech giant. Or maybe a multimedia corporation. 

However, tech founders have hijacked this definition. The reality is, most entrepreneurship doesn’t take place in the virtual or digital worlds at all; it’s found right here in your local neighborhood. Your local lawnmower. Your local snow shoveling service. Your local plumber. Someone self-employed. Someone who builds and uses their skills physically, whether solving a home appliance problem or providing Life Coaching expertise. Applying their own time and expertise, not only to solve a certain problem but also to provide their services and build their business. Just like the author. These are Blue Collar Entrepreneurs.  

Anyone who sells their skills and time should be considered blue-collar, and not this blanketed idea of white vs. blue, as the Great Resignation of 2021 proves and disposes of this perhaps superannuated idea.


Fostering The American Dream: What This Means in Terms of Contemporary Business


When you look at most of America, what do you see?

You see a nation of dreams. 

The American Dream.

But how did that dream start? It started with a vision. It started with a plan. It started with a goal. Most immigrant business owners don’t realize that they’re really blue-collar entrepreneurs. This also includes first-generation immigrants, and non-recent immigrants as well. Applying their time to their company. Coordinating with clients. Contributing a service for the general public. And building a better business for tomorrow.


Finli: Empowering Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners to Think Digitally


Take your local plumber, for example. You call him up for a service. Say your toilet all-of-a-sudden somehow leaked like a limitless water fountain. I hope not… But let’s say you call him, he comes over and he immediately fixes the problem. Tada! Brand-new toilet!

You’re now his client, without him even knowing potentially. He just applied his own service and expertise. And, because you’re so savvy and you applaud his efficient work, you’ve already recommended him to your aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, and grandma down the street, too, for giggles. Now you’ve just expanded his business. This is a Blue Collar Entrepreneur. This is fulfilling that American Dream.

One key way these small business owners are keeping up with their larger competitors is how they accept payments. Gone are the days of cash and checks only as they didn’t have the expertise to offer a digital option. Digital pay not only maximizes convenience but also ensures guaranteed payment. Prevents potential theft. Limits time and hassle—no gratuitous bank trips or piggy bank smashing for potential clients. Digital pay options like Finli allow you to grow and expand your business, your way, without all the extra hustle and bustle. With just the push of a button, your small plumbing business is on its way to flushing the competition – pun intended. Go ahead, give Finli a try. The only people who will be happier than you are your customers. 

Need help getting started? Finli was founded to help small businesses instantly invoice, collect immediate payments, and more seamlessly handle their accounts receivable. Sign up for a free trial here!

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