If you own a services business, you can probably relate to our customers who came to Finli wanting to learn how to create invoices for free. Many of them were frustrated by all the problems they had faced accepting cash and checks for payments, and wanted a system that would allow them to not only accept digital payments but also to avoid invoice fees. Luckily, we had them covered in all aspects. 

But, what about you? If you own a service business, could you save time and money by using a digital payments solution like Finli?  Ask yourself the following questions to find out: 

Do your customers regularly have trouble paying you with cash or checks?

Whether it’s forgetting to stop by an ATM or accidentally running out of checks, your customers may struggle to pay you via traditional options.

Do you struggle to keep track of which customers have paid you, and when?

When customers pay you in cash, there aren’t clear payment records. If you’ve had problems documenting payments and/or had customers say they’ve paid you when you’re not sure they have, you can answer yes here. 

Have you had a payment system like Quickbooks take a cut of your invoice proceeds?

Many invoicing systems will keep a percentage of the funds their users earn. This happened to Janie Talerico, our own Facebook & Google ad consultant, before she came to Finli and it happens to many other service-based businesses too.

Do you spend time chasing at least one unpaid/overdue bill every month?

You’re a business owner, but do you sometimes feel like a debt collector? Small business owners shouldn’t have to remind customers to pay overdue bills – and potentially strain their relationships in the process – but this happens all too often. 

Do you find yourself in a bind during tax season when you try to gather all of your payment records?

Filing taxes can be difficult enough without having to spend time tracking down inconsistent records of cash and check payments. If this resonates, your current payment system might be doing more harm than good. 

So, how many times did you answer “yes” to the questions above? If you responded with more than one “yes,” it sounds like it’s time to graduate to a better solution that allows you to invoice and accept payments online. 

Ready to get started? Head on over to Finli to sign up today, completely risk-free, to begin saving time and money.