Ninety-three percent of today’s small business owners report using at least one type of technology platform to help run their business, with the average owner utilizing three different platforms. While it might seem like more technology can provide more benefits, the truth is that small businesses in particular can – and should – do more with less. This is why we created Finli, the best payment processing software for small business. A one-stop platform for all of your services business’ basic needs, we spare you the headaches and save you the costs that come with excess tech. Here’s more information.

Multiple Vendors No More

Many emerging services businesses operate manually, still receiving cash and check payments. But eventually, business owners realize the drawbacks of this. As they begin to adopt payment solutions, they might also jump into other platforms, thinking that technology will solve their problems. They might add on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, point of sale (POS) system, invoicing platform, accounting solution and more. But the reality is that small businesses don’t need this many vendors, and having so many can actually backfire, raising costs and complexities.

With Finli’s single solution, you get the best payment processing software for small business plus a host of other functions you need. We offer an adaptable, accessible and affordable payment management platform that also includes CRM tools to manage and communicate with your customers, invoicing, transaction records, automatic payment chasing and more. When you have Finli, you don’t need to add on PayPal, Square or any other platforms. We have all your fundamental needs covered.

Mobile First & Cost-Effective

It’s also important to note that Finli is mobile-first. You don’t need to buy hardware to accept payments, and our entire solution is designed to be optimized for mobile (both for you and your customers). Our platform is intuitive, as well, so you’ll be up and running quickly even if you’ve never used a payments solution before.

We just rolled out Finli’s no-nonsense pricing, which includes a free version and a paid version for $39/month. When we say $39/month, we mean it. There are no hidden fees or unexpected costs. For example, we charge $0 on bank to bank (ACH) transactions. It’s free for you and free for your customers to set up. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

The Best Payment Processing Software for Small Business

We understand small businesses and cash flow ups and downs, and have worked hard to deliver our platform at an affordable price point for your key needs. Finli’s monthly subscription option makes operation costs predictable and easy to manage. You never have to pay a high processing fee again or add on a merchant card provider or other tools that overlap with our services; trust us to take it all off your plate. Ready to give us a try? Sign up today!