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Finli wants your business to succeed. And when your business succeeds, the small business community also wins. Our comprehensive digital payments platform has become an integral tool for growing and enhancing this entrepreneurial ecosystem. But how?

Here we’ll take a look at how Finli powers the small business community. Every business has a different set of goals and needs. Yet some needs seem to be universal, found virtually everywhere throughout the small business landscape.

This article outlines four ways Finli supports the world of small businesses. We help you maintain a steady cash flow, manage customer relationships, ensure financial data privacy, and rest assured with our predictable, no-nonsense pricing. Let these Finli features empower your business and, in turn, power the community.

Steady cash flow.

Finli ensures steady cash streams by automating invoices with recurring payments. Easily set up memberships, subscriptions, and recurring services without extra overhead or IT costs. Such recurring digital invoices save your business time and work.

They also save money and enhance your cash flow. Did you know that 33% of all one-off payments to small businesses are late? Such missing-in-action funds produce a cash flow issue since you can’t use them to grow your business.

Growing your business enhances the community of small businesses because it sets a model for the success of others. A steady cash flow can be an integral part of this growth and success.

Finli offers recurring payments and other cash-flow features in a friendly and intuitive interface. For example, your customers can split payments between friends, which has been shown to increase the number of accounts in good standing.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

Finli’s CRM tools let you stay in touch with clients and enhance your relationship with others in the small business community. Specifically, you can send promotions to longtime customers to encourage loyalty. Or send out a friendly reminder to any clients with past-due accounts. We automatically send out two reminders for past-due amounts, saving you from this typically unpleasant task.

But you can also send any clients a simple Pay By Link text message for quick payment resolution. Such features can not only help your business succeed but they enhance your reputation within the larger small business community.

Financial data privacy.

Finli takes privacy seriously. That’s why we use the most advanced encryption protocols available for finance. Through our partnership with Plaid, Finli utilizes Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256), Transport Layer Security (TLS), and multifactor authentication (MFA) for total financial protection and privacy.

Privacy and security are key factors in building and sustaining trust with the community. Consider the reputational damage some peer-to-peer payment apps have already incurred. For instance, one New Yorker recently Venmoed $100 to the wrong person. Instead of returning his funds, however, Venmo froze his account. Such problems have led one security expert to call Venmo a “privacy disaster.”

Using Finli’s safe and secure digital payments platform is one way to promote trust and build community. Unlike some peer-to-peer apps, we prioritize privacy and security as primary pillars of the small business ecosystem.

No-nonsense pricing.

Finli believes that the small business community benefits from openness and transparency. That’s why we’ve streamlined and simplified our pricing structure. Our new no-nonsense pricing structure is both predictable and transparent.

The Free level includes 1% ACH transaction fees, unlimited invoices, subscription plans, recurring invoices, email campaigns, and customer management. Plus you can access all customer records and transaction data. Upgrade to a Pro plan at $39 per month, and get all the Free features in addition to unlimited ACH transfers. What’s more, with no fine print, Finli’s no-nonsense pricing chart fits on just one page.

Unlike Finli, popular peer-to-peer apps are not only expensive but also mysterious. PayPal comes in at 1.5%, while Venmo charges 1.9% + $0.10 for each business payment. On the surface, those numbers may not seem extreme, but they quickly mount up and drain your bottom line.

If that weren’t enough, these apps often come with numerous, confusing pages of highly technical jargon. Conversely, Finli believes in being open and transparent about our pricing—values we think can go a long way toward enhancing the small business community.

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