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Ask a Finli Expert – How Can I Keep Up with Cash Payments?

Question Received: Hi Finli Experts,  I run a daycare and I accept payments however they come – cash, check, credit & debit card. Basically, you name it, I’ll take it. Since my business has expanded, I’m having a hard time keeping up with the physical forms of payment – it’s a lot of work having...

Why Pay with ACH?

More and more people are paying their bills through ACH, which isn’t surprising given the number of advantages it has over more traditional forms of payment, like credit cards and checks. There were over 26.8 billion payments made through ACH in 2020 because it’s one of the fastest and safest electronic payment methods. It’s why...

Which scheduling system is right for your business?

Scheduling is one of the most important administrative parts of any small business.  It’s especially important for education businesses like martial arts studios, enrichment programs or tutors because the whole business is based around classes and appointments.   That’s why finding the right system to manage scheduling and booking is one of the most important decisions...

What is ACH?

Transcript: ACH is an acronym for Automated Clearing House, also known as e-check, which is a fancy phrase for the electronic transfer of monetary value from bank account to bank account. ACH is everywhere – from your gym membership auto payment, to direct deposit for payroll. If you’re an educational facility, you might be initiating...

How can I split payments for families with divorced parents?

Transcript: With the rise of the modern family, the request to split payments is on the rise.  You may have divorced parents looking to split payments for their children. Maybe they’re not divorced but decided to split all family expenses down the middle, hey that’s a growing trend. You can have family members like a...

What are the pros and cons of autopay?

Transcript: With autopay, you set it and forget it It depends on the type of business and the services offered. Let’s say you’re a daycare center. Your invoice amount and frequency will most likely to remain consistent unless there is a life event. The family moved away, the child grew up, financial changes, etc. otherwise...

I’m ready to automate my business. Where do I start?

Transcript: Congratulations! It’s a huge first step and investment in your business. We’ve seen clients that say we don’t need to digitize payments because my students drop off cash and check in an envelope. “We don’t need to automate scheduling and booking because I manage it just fine on my wall calendar.” “Why should I...

Can I use Venmo to accept payments for my business?

Transcript: Venmo is created for people to transfer money to other people they know. You’re probably thinking I know my customers, so can I accept Venmo as a form of payment for my services? The short answer is Maybe. You are prohibited to accept Venmo for your business unless you’ve been approved by Venmo to...

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