Transcript: With autopay, you set it and forget it

It depends on the type of business and the services offered. Let’s say you’re a daycare center. Your invoice amount and frequency will most likely to remain consistent unless there is a life event. The family moved away, the child grew up, financial changes, etc. otherwise both parties, the daycare and the payor could really benefit from an auto-payment solution.

Let’s start with the pros for a small business owner: 

  • You save time – think about the hours you spent on invoicing, processing payments and reconciliation on a monthly basis?
  • You reduce payment processing errors, delays, and fees
  • You decrease risk and liability from having access to your customer’s payment info
  • You gain transparency and predictability when it comes to cash position
  • You no longer have to chase down payments…
  • You increase customer retention and satisfaction bc customers love it when you’re making it super easy and convenient for them

Now the cons:

  • You might have to intervene if service has been cancelled but you forgot to turn off autopay
  • Could potentially overcomplicate your operations when you’re already trying to manage a la carte services and packages

Irrespective of your situation, incorporating auto payment in your business is worth exploring.

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