Many small business owners check on their financial bottom line from time to time—not a bad habit to have, especially if you do it regularly. But upon looking at a spreadsheet (or wherever you keep that info), one reaction that is unfortunately not uncommon is, “Oh, no! I thought we had more cash. Where did all our revenue go?”

If this is you, chances are that you have a cash flow problem. Cash flow refers to the influx of money that you receive and spend during a period of time. It sounds simple, and in many ways, it is. But cash flow can have serious implications for the future of your small business. So, what can you do to ensure that your cash flow stays steady?

This article focuses on two key areas to help small businesses regulate and optimize cash flow. We’ll explore how to ensure steady cash streams by automating invoices with recurring payments along with other features like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. We’ll also consider how consistent and predictable expenses can factor into achieving cash flow stability.

 Improving Cash Flow with Recurring Payments

Finli is a leading comprehensive digital payments system that lets small businesses automate invoices. With recurring payments, you can easily set up memberships, and subscriptions—all without any extra IT support. These regularly scheduled digital invoices reduce work and save you time.

Recurring payments also save you money and improve your cash flow. That’s because one in three of all single small business payments is late. These stalled-out funds then result in a cash flow problem because they’re dollars you can’t use for your business.

Get a handle on your cash flow by making your revenue steadier and more predictable. As a comprehensive digital payments management, Finli brings recurring payments and other features into a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Finli has other tools that help with cash flow. For instance, the ability to split payments between friends increases the likelihood of on-time payments. What’s more, Finli’s CRM tools let you stay in touch with clients: send promotions to loyal customers or a friendly reminder to anyone who’s past due. Such features not only make Finli a leading digital payment platform but also a driver of steady cash flow for businesses like yours.

Predictable Pricing

Annoyed with the hidden fees and unpredictable pricing of peer-to-peer apps? You’re not the only one. More and more small businesses are seeing how peer-to-peer app fees disrupt and destabilize their cash flow. PayPal charges a whopping 1.5%. Venmo asks 1.9% + $0.10 for each business payment.

But it doesn’t stop there—you also have pages and pages of fine print detailing the changing ways these companies charge you more for basic payment features. These fees ultimately affect your bottom line and make cash flow unpredictable.

Finli offers a cost-effective payment platform with predictable pricing that’s friendly on cash flow. The Free level includes 1% ACH transaction fees, unlimited invoices, subscription plans, recurring invoices, email campaigns, customer management, and access to all transaction data and customer records.

Upgrade to a Pro plan at $39 per month for all the Free features plus unlimited ACH transfers. Best of all—no fine print! Finli’s no nonsense pricing chart fits on just one page.

A Winner for Cash Flow

Finli’s recurring payments and CRM tools can go a long way in securing predictable income streams for your business. Add to that the security of no nonsense pricing, and you can begin to see what makes Finli’s comprehensive payment management system a winner for your business’s cash flow.