On this episode of Small Business Stories powered by Finli, Finli CEO Lori Shao and Liquid CEO Saujin Yi talk about what the liquid workforce is and how small businesses can use contractors to their advantage to speed up growth. On top of discussing the pros and cons of hiring contractors, Lori and Saujin also answer live questions from the audience. Take a listen!

Timestamps for Topic Discussions

[00:00] – Introduction to the Podcast and Guests

[02:09] – What is the Liquid Workforce and Its Benefits?

[07:25] – Barriers to Using Liquid Workforce and Best Practices Overview

[10:58] – General Workflow for Onboarding Liquid Workforce

[21:55] – Question: Utilizing Overseas Third-Party Contractors

[30:06] – Question: How Realistic is It to Implement a Liquid Workforce?

[31:36] – Question: How to Handle Independent Contractors in California in Regards to AB5? | State of California EDD

[42.17] – Cost Difference: Employee vs. Contractor

[49.08] – Outro and Closing Remarks

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