On this episode of Small Business Stories powered by Finli, CEO Lori Shao and Content Manager Angie Wong discuss the methods small businesses can implement to grow their business, including how to build and grow their social media presence, how to optimize their website, and how to utilize tools that are available to them to make both of these as easy and quick as possible. Take a listen!

Timestamps for Topic Discussions

[00:01] – Introduction: What’s next after creating your Website | Finli.com

[01:24] – Utilizing Social Media to Grow your Audience and Awareness

[03:32] – Different Types of Social Media Platforms and Video Repositories

[08:58] – Facebook Use Cases and Whether it is Still Optimal to Host your Community

[11:44] – Recommendations for Companies Entering Into Social Media

[18:35] – How to Drive Traffic to your Business Website And Deliver Meaningful Content on your Site

[26:38] – Best Practices for a Small Business to Increase their SEO Rankings

[29:24] – Message to Viewers | Finli Learning Center | https://finli.com/learn/

[30:46] – How Finli can Simplify Your Business Operations / or What Finli can do for your Business

Tools Mentioned

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