Finli for banks

Finli for Professional Services

Empower Strategic Financial Decisions

Give your clients a digital back office. 

Finli provides payment collection, invoicing, communication + inventory management tools, and more to power SMBs.

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A win-win for professional service providers

Effortlessly manage and reconcile your client’s finances within one easy-to-use system.

Automated Receivable Management

Ensure timely reminders and efficient processing, allowing your clients to focus on growing their business.

Streamlined Billing

View and manage a client’s invoicing and billing with just a few clicks. Avoid the headaches of checks + cash payments.

Integrated with QuickBooks

Easily and automatically reconcile transactions with your client’s QuickBooks account.

...and the clients you serve.

Give clients they tools they need to strategically manage business finances.

Seamless Bill Collection

Give clients the ability to easily process digital payments through a secure link.

AutoPay + Scheduled Payments

Enhance predictability and ease by allowing automatic deductions and scheduling future payments.


Digital Back Office Tools

Ensure hassle-free record keeping with a system for storing payments and customer data.

Backed by best-in-class security and support

Finli for banks
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"Finli helped me double my revenue without hiring any additional staff.

Every little bit of free time you have that’s not worrying about things is time you can spend on being creative about growing your business.”

All-in-one comprehensive solution for your clients

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