Using Invoices vs. Webpage Payments For Tutoring Businesses

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Whether you run a dedicated tutoring business that supports your family, or you tutor in your free time to supplement your income, it’s pretty important that you are able to collect payments efficiently.

Not only does a seamless payment system simplify things for your clients, it also increases overall customer satisfaction with your small business. 

On your end, you can make chasing and logging payments a thing of the past – freeing up time and minimizing awkward conversations. Say goodbye to archaic accounting systems and say hello to Finli!

With Finli, you can offer your clients increased flexibility in both payment options and in frequency of payment:

  • Allow your customers to pay via cash, check, credit card, debit card, PayPal, Venmo, and additional payment options
  • Your customers can pay when they sign up for an individual class, or you can invoice them weekly, biweekly, or monthly
  • Customers can easily purchase individual sessions or packages of classes and be charged correctly for either
  • You can provide discounts on any schedule you prefer, whether it be one-time or recurring
  • Finli sends the payment reminder emails so that you don’t have to

With Finli, you are able to choose between Invoicing your clients, or allowing them to make Webpage Payments immediately upon purchase of a tutoring class. 

Depending on the size of your tutoring business, you may opt to utilize both types of payment collection – which are available to every single Finli user, no matter how big or small your business.

Let’s take a look at when it may be appropriate to invoice your clients vs using webpage payments. 

When You Should Invoice Your Clients

Invoicing is best if you tutor clients on a consistent basis, such as twice a week or twice a month. Invoices can be easily edited individually to account for extra time or extra sessions. 

Recurring clients will appreciate their invoice being sent on the same day each month, so that they can plan for the expense in their budgets. 

On your end, you can plan your own budget when you know that payments will be coming in.

When You Should Utilize Webpage Payments

Being able to accept one-time Webpage Payments is a wonderfully convenient option to offer, especially if you are growing your tutoring business. The great news is that you can do so without creating and maintaining your own business website! With Finli, we provide beautiful and easy-to-use webpages for all of our users.

Webpage Payments are great when you are offering a one-time group class such as SAT Prep. If you have a new client trying out a first session, allowing them to sign up and pay in advance simplifies and streamlines the process for them. 

Even if your customer did not find you via your web page, you can send a link to them for instant payment.

As large companies make advances in customer service and ease of payment, small businesses are scrambling to keep up – but with limited resources and time. With Finli, you can provide the same seamless experience to your clients that they have come to expect in our fast-paced and digital world. 

Finli customers report saving 1 hour per day on administrative tasks! On top of that, they consolidate 5 systems that don’t communicate with each other down to just 1 efficient system. This allows you to focus on income-generating tasks – leading to a 20% increase in students.

If you’re ready to find out more about our invoicing and webpage payment options, schedule a demo with us!

No matter the size of your tutoring business, you can undoubtedly benefit from automated and streamlined payment collection – let Finli show you how!

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