The Power of ACH Payment Processing for Small Businesses

Finli - 3 Reasons You Should Offer ACH Payments Today

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ACH payment processing is a simple way to save money when you get paid and help you grow your business.

What Is ACH Payment Processing For Small Businesses?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, and it refers to funds being sent from one bank directly to another. When customers pay a business via ACH, it takes the place of payment through checks, cash or credit cards. In order for a business to receive payments via ACH, they must be set up through a bank or other banking platform.

How ACH Payments Can Help Small Businesses

ACH payment processing for small businesses can be a game-changer for businesses and their customers. Instead of customers having to make an extra trip to the ATM or have checks on hand, they can simply provide their bank details. And instead of business owners having to wait for payment (or possibly deal with the hassle and awkwardness of bounced checks), they can get their funds in a streamlined way.

The efficiency of ACH payments helps save owners and customers time, and also can help improve a business’ cash flow.

Free ACH Payment Processing

With many providers, accepting ACH payments brings extra costs with it (charging as much as 1.9% up to 3.5%).

But Finli offers free ACH payment processing to our Pro customers. Yes, completely free. And with our Free membership plan, we only charge 1% for ACH payment processing, which is a real steal compared to other solutions (you can see a side by side comparison here). The importance of this cannot be stressed enough, as every dollar counts for small businesses.

A Real Customer’s Take

Ramona Jar, owner of Web Design NJ, works with Finli on its SEO strategies and is also a Finli customer. Before using Finli, she wasn’t using an invoicing or payment processing platform online. Instead, she would create an invoice in Microsoft Word and then the client would send her a check. This process was cumbersome, and there was often a delay in receiving her payments. Now, she uses Finli and says, “I love its simplicity. Most other similar tools are so complex, I need a Master’s degree to use them.”

Ramona also raved about the free ACH payment processing, which she gets through being a Pro Finli subscriber. She says, “Even the 1% ACH fee through Finli to its Free plan subscribers is actually better than what Chase and some banks charge. Plus, it’s fast and easy to use. Finli is a real value-add to my business in every way.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions that business owners have about ACH payments.

How does a small business accept ACH payments?

If you have a Finli account (you can sign up for our Free plan or try our Pro plan for only $39/month), the setup for ACH payments is fast and intuitive. If you use something else, you’ll need to check with your bank or banking platform to get set up.

How do I set up an ACH payment for my small business?

Again, if you use Finli, accepting ACH payments is a breeze. Simply create an invoice and send it to your customers, who can then choose to pay via ACH on their end. There’s nothing more you need to do except wait for the funds to hit your account within 1-2 days from the time the customer sends them.

Is ACH free for business?

If you’re a Pro Finli subscriber, yes! This is quite rare in the industry, and something we’re very proud to offer. If you use our Free plan instead, you’ll only be charged a low fee of 1% per ACH transaction.

Ready to experience the power of saving money by using ACH payment processing for small businesses? Sign up to try Finli today!

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