You are a small business owner and as such, you are on the lookout for ways to help your business thrive and achieve long-term success.

You might think small businesses need to strive for profitability. But studies show that immediate profitability isn’t an accurate indicator for long-term business success.

The most important thing that early-stage solopreneurs need to focus on is financial predictability and consistency. Consistency creates a strong connection between businesses and their customers and leads to future stability. It is also the foundation for long-term growth and success.

The past few years have shown us that nothing is predictable. The only thing you can predict is more unpredictability. With countless things out of your control, running a business through “normal times” is challenging enough already.

We recommend that our clients simplify their pricing, and here at Finli, we walk the walk. We’ve simplified our own pricing to create a consistent and predictable invoicing experience for solopreneurs and small businesses.

Let’s jump into how Finli can streamline your workflow so you can get back to what you do best: offering amazing services to your clients.

The Payment Tool Built for Solopreneurs

With small businesses in mind, we simplified our pricing to make our systems even better.

We are the platform you turn to when you consider starting a business or going digital. This is our space, and we’re dedicated to it. We’re built for solopreneurs and freelancers who sell their expertise in services like coaching, caregiving, and home care services such as dog walking, house cleaning, pool maintenance, and lawn care. IT professionals, architects, landscapers, tutors, dance teachers, and music instructors turn to us for a simple solution to their payment and invoicing needs.

Finli condenses the financial aspects of your business into one. You no longer need to have access to multiple accounts within various systems. With Finli, all of your financial records are kept in one place. Take care of all aspects of your business, including consumer communication and storing of customer records.

Finli’s pricing model is dedicated to transparency and providing predictable costs. With so many other constantly changing variables, small businesses need this stability.

Like everything we do here at Finli, our pricing was designed with solopreneurs in mind. We are excited about the simple new membership structure and what it can do for SMBs.

We have and will continue to walk our talk to make sure we understand our clients’ needs.

Finli’s New Pricing Model

Finli has always been your go-to source for digital payments and invoicing. So what’s changed?

Finli now offers two simple membership options: Free and Pro.

Free, the first tier, gives you access to all the tools of the Finli Pro version. It is built for simpler payment needs with a 1% fee for all bank to bank ACH fees. In addition, you have the option to accept credit cards for a predictable 3% fee, which is absorbed by the business.

Pro, the second tier, offers you all the same great tools to run your business plus additional pricing flexibility. There are zero fees for all bank to bank ACH transfers. The 3% credit card fee can be absorbed by the business or passed along to your customers.

What features are included? With both membership tiers, you can issue unlimited invoices and accept payments digitally. You can set up subscription payments and create invoice dates in the future. Your personal database gives you access to all of your transaction records and allows you to manage and keep track of your customers in one place. You also have the ability to send bulk emails to all of your customers.

The “Why” (Our Reason and Yours)

We know that our customers’ clients want to pay and complete transactions digitally. In the height of the digital age, getting set up for digital payments is more important for your business than ever.

A study conducted by Fiserv in 2021 indicated that 49% of the 3,000 adults surveyed used a digital wallet in 2019. This number has increased each consecutive year, jumping to 58% in 2020 and 68% in 2021. Consumers appreciate and need the speed, ease, and mobility of doing business on the go.

Finli is built to be the platform that gives service providers the ability to meet their clients’ needs and save them time each day. Systems for building one-time or recurring invoicing can easily be put in place in seconds. Simplify your system to track payments and communicate with clients. Create a transaction history that you can download to share with your bookkeepers or accountants. This is a great way to build your business history for taxes or apply for credit for your business.

Finli is a great fit for your current business, but it doesn’t stop there. Our platform is built to support and grow with you as your business continues to develop and succeed.

Why Finli

Finli directly benefits both you and your customers. We know that understanding and meeting your needs means understanding and meeting your customers’ needs as well. When you use Finli, your customers benefit alongside you.

Keep 100% of the amount you invoice

When your clients do business with you, they get great value, predictability, and transparency. They have come to expect these facets and know that is what they are going to get time and again. This is exactly what you get with Finli.

Your clients don’t appreciate hidden fees, and neither do you.

With Finli, you keep 100% of the amount you invoice. No high processing fees that plague small business owners. With the Free membership option, you only have the up front and easy to understand transaction prices. With the Pro membership option, there is only the monthly platform expense with no bank to bank fees and flexible options for the 3% card fee. You will never be surprised with one time costs or be nickel-and-dimed for each invoice you send out.

Once payment has been successfully collected from your customers, you receive the money the following business day.

Mobile & desktop options

Make it as easy as possible for your clients to pay you. Get set up to bill clients via SMS or email. Bottom line: keeping it simple means you get paid faster.

We know how hard it is to get organized and stay on top of it all. You need to find clients, provide your services, and manage invoicing and payments. We streamlined this process and are designed to be flexible for desktop & mobile use on the go. Our system is super secure and simple to use. Send out instant invoices so clients can pay you immediately by clicking on a secure link.

Set up recurring payments

Do you offer subscription services, memberships, or weekly/monthly classes? We’ve made it easy for you to create recurring invoices. Remove the burden of having to remember when and how often to send reminders to your clients. Set it and forget it.

Let clients split the bill

If you offer group classes for friends or neighbors, or coach siblings whose parents each pay a portion of the cost, you no longer have to add to your clients the burden of gathering individual payments into a lump sum. Now you can simply send a single invoice and make it easy for clients to split the bill. Customers can also set up or use multiple payment options.

Make tax season a breeze

Keep all of your invoicing in one place. Detailed records of customers and transactions makes it much easier to track so you aren’t left scrambling when tax season rolls around.

Final Thoughts

As a small business or solopreneur, you started your business to provide a service and do what you love to help others or enrich their lives. You are an expert in your field and have knowledge and skills to share. You don’t want to spend all your time on administrative tasks. Sound familiar?

Are you ready to simplify your business finances? Let us take care of those behind-the-scenes tasks and streamline your payment processes.

Just think: How would it feel to be able to predict your costs for invoicing and payment management to the penny each month, keep track of payments with minimal effort, and have invoices automatically sent to your customers? Our clients tell us all the time: it feels great!