How Finli Can Help Small Businesses Simplify and Reduce the Costs of Getting Paid for Their Services


Nothing is as damaging to businesses as belief in the idea that  “we’ve always done it this way”  means it is the right or best way. If you’ve been processing your invoices and payments the same way for the last two or more years, you may be hurting your business. Many people are ignoring the technology advancements available to them and prefer to use their familiar and trusted paper-based payment solutions. We completely understand! But here comes a nudge. 

Most small business owners are endlessly finding better ways to effectively and efficiently adapt and grow their businesses. Whether you run a freelancing business or offer child care services, you don’t wish to go through the ordeal of using a dated Point-of-Sale (POS) system to receive your payments. It’s time to look around and, you’ll see that you need to find an easier way for you and your customers. And that’s where Finli comes in. 

While the peer-to-peer payments volume is expected to grow to about $341 billion in 2022, Finli is changing how business owners fulfill the integral part of their business: getting paid. Here’s a rundown:


Finli Allows You to Send Invoices and Receive Payments for Free


The cost of processing a paper-based invoice can vary between $12 to $30, averaging around $15. Similarly, invoicing and payment platforms can charge up to $3.50 per invoice process. 

By using Finli, you can save your business a great deal of your accounts payables as you can send and receive payments for free. Another advantage of moving to Finli is that you can send out an invoice to your customers through text messages or emails and instantly receive your pay in a few clicks saving you the costs associated with past due invoices


Auto-Pay and Recurring Billing


Not only is Finli’s automated recurring payment system beneficial for your business, but it also reduces the friction of continuous manual payments, creating a positive client experience. Most importantly, it cuts down the invoicing and payment processing costs making your accounting much easier and more affordable.

You only need to set up the initial payment plan by scheduling the start date, billing frequency, end date, and payment amount. Finli makes the whole process a breeze by processing all your subsequent payments without having to lift a finger. 

You can easily measure and predict your cash flow since you know when and what you’ll receive at a given timeframe. 


Zero Transaction Fees for ACH/Bank Transfer


There’s a reason why most businesses favor ACH payments over checks and credit cards. Usually, small businesses pay up to $10 for ACH/bank transfers. On the other hand, peer-to-peer payment platforms such as PayPal and Venmo charge 1% of the transfer amount. 

Receiving your ACH payments through Finli is entirely free, and the process takes just a few clicks.  Also, your customers do not pay a single penny for these transactions. However, Finli charges 3% for all debit and credit cards. 


Wrapping Up


Are you up for throwing those expensive and paper-based payment tools on the scrap heap? Finli is here to help you create an auto-pay for your customers hence putting behind you the pain and cost of chasing down payments. Head over to Finli now and set up a free trial account and see what everyone’s talking about. No credit card or commitment is required. 

Need help getting started? Finli was founded to help small businesses instantly invoice, collect immediate payments, and more seamlessly handle their accounts receivable. Sign up for a free trial here!