When you first started your martial arts studio, you probably knew every parent and student by name, and remembered what classes they attended. You may have even recalled their preferences or what belt they had most recently earned.

But as your business grew and continues to grow, it’s harder to remember everything and everyone!

While this is a good problem to have, it remains true that you need somewhere to log information about your customers. Anyone on your staff who comes into contact with them should have a base of knowledge about their needs and wants.

There is so much information that you can gather and use to offer relevant new classes or offerings, create new payment options, or adjust your class schedule to better accommodate your students. 

Here are just a few examples of information you would want to have logged into your system:

  • Age of participants: This simple piece of information can indicate when a student is ready to move into a new class, or becomes eligible for a camp, competition, or other additional offering.
  • Price paid for classes: Having a record of what a student has paid throughout their tenure allows you to track how quickly your prices are rising, and if the student took advantage of any discounts as a point of entry to your business.
  • Class type attended: With online, in-person, and hybrid classes all becoming daily options for an average studio, it’s relevant to know what type of class your students are comfortable with. Depending on attendance, you may even adjust how many classes of each type you are offering.
  • Sibling/family member information: Linking to the profiles of any other family members that attend classes can help you schedule class times that work for many families. You can also gain an understanding of how much time and money one family puts into your business.

There are so many other details that you can collect and use to guide your business decisions. If you’re looking to expand or move to a new space, you can use your students’ addresses to help you locate your next studio.

It can be both embarrassing and impersonal to speak with a parent or student who remembers you so clearly, but you have little to no recognition of them. Especially when a family has frequented your studio for years, it can be helpful to pull up their account and be reminded of how they got started with you or how far they have come.

Not only can data collection and analysis help you better serve the customers you have, but it can also help you grow your business. Simple gestures like wishing students a “happy birthday” can have a lasting impact. Offering a free class to every student who refers a new student can help you pinpoint your most loyal pupils.

With Finli, all of these important details appear right in your business portal. They’re not notes scribbled on a paper and stuffed into a filing cabinet. You have access to everything you may need to know about a student at the click of a button.

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Let Finli take the notes on your behalf – so that you can focus on business.