How to Easily Collect Sports Club and School Fees Online

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Do you run a sports club? Are you trying to collect school fees or payments for various activities? How many extra-platforms do you need to use? Club Automation? CheddarUp? Maybe Venmo, Paypal and checks on top of it all?

Collecting sports club and school fees online can streamline the payment process, making it easier for both the organization and the payers. Instead of the headache of multiple platforms, writing lists on paper and not being able to send payment reminders, you can now use Finli for all your fee collection.

Here are steps and tips to set up an efficient online fee collection system:

Choose Finli as your Payment Platform

In order to streamline your payment management, you need a digital payment system that specializes in educational or sports organizations. You’ll get small fees ($39/month), security, ease of use, and a plethora of integration capabilities.

Set Up Your Account

Sign up for an account with Finli. This will take just a few minutes and involve providing some basic information about your organization. We pride ourselves with a super-fast and convenient onboarding system, which allows you access to your account in minutes and not days.

Follow our platform’s instructions to integrate the payment system into your organization’s website. You can choose Pay By Link, QR code payments, even ACH transactions are supported (and you also have a 0%, zero percent, transaction fee).

If your club members or student parents would rather pay via credit cards, Finli allows you to set up this payment option as well. Plus, you can transfer the processing fees back to your customers.

Set Up Products and Services

One of the best perks of using Finli is that you can create multiple products for your customers. Say you run a tennis club. Instead of cumbersome membership portals, you can just set up various options for members:

  • Orange Elite program: for 8-10 year olds who are advanced tennis players. You can mention there how many clinics this includes (say 14 weeks, 1 training session per week). Parents pay the tuition fee and the kids train.
  • Private class with coach X: $175/hour, the parent can choose how many classes they will pay for, make the payment upfront and have their kid train with the chosen coach.

Are they late on their fees?

Finli allows you to send payment reminders and, to make it easier, you can even set your club members on autopay.

What if you also run a pro shop and sell tennis racquets, custom made t-shirts for your club and racquet stringing services?

Not a problem. Set up your products and even manage your inventory with Finli. Keep track of your stocks, so that you know when you have to re-order items for your pro shop.

Instead of running at least 3 separate platforms for your sports club, you can take advantage of all Finli’s features for just $39/month ($397 if you pay annually).

Running a school?

You can now streamline tuition payment as easily as setting up a product in Finli. Create your payment plans for the students, send invoices and reminders to make sure they get paid.

If you opt for monthly payments, break down the yearly fee and set your students on autopay.

For all school events, Finli can help once again:

Easter dance? Halloween show? Set up the pricing for each event and send out your Pay By Link code to each attendee. Gone are the days of using cash or trying to handle checks, Venmo and CheddarUp.

This way you’ll know exactly who paid (and when), thus avoiding the never-ending complaint “But we paid for Jimmy, why cannot he get in?”

Communicate with Your Members

As soon as you have set up your services and products in Finli, you can inform your members about the new online payment option through emails, newsletters, or social media.

Provide clear instructions on how to use the online payment system. Include steps on how to access the payment portal, select the correct fees, and complete the payment. If you need further details, access our learning center or simply ask our support team for assistance.

By following these steps, sports clubs and schools can set up an efficient and user-friendly online fee collection system. This not only simplifies the payment process but also improves the overall experience for both the organization and its members.

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