Lori Shao • Aug 16, 2019

Our mission here at Finli is to make it easier for families to get the critical financial support they need for their most meaningful expenses. For many families, education comes first.

Whether it’s daycare, pre-school, or private school, Finli makes it possible for friends and family to directly contribute to the cost of a child’s care or tuition.

However, it’s not only the families that benefit from using Finli. The Finli platform also provides a number of benefits to the academic programs and institutions that offer Finli to parents.

Here are just a few highlights:

Spend less time on billing (and more time teaching)

In a perfect world, collecting every student’s tuition would be as easy as A, B, C. Unfortunately, in reality, it isn’t so simple.

From chasing down late payments to managing a multitude of payment processing services, many schools spend far more time than they’d like to admit dealing with payments and billing.

With Finli, schools can offload the burden of bill collection to our easy-to-use platform. That means fewer awkward money conversations with parents and more consistent payments coming in.

Accommodate a variety of family and financial situations

It’s 2019 and the definition of the “modern family” is more dynamic than ever. As more and more spouses opt to separate their finances, Finli makes it simple for both parents to separately contribute to their children’s tuition.

And while it’s never a fun subject to broach, Finli also makes it easier for divorced parents to ensure that their children are receiving the appropriate amount of financial support from both sides.

Provide a more holistic learning environment

Enrichment programs are really important and schools can use Finli to itemize and include programs like art, music, language, and sports that are facilitated by contractors.

Confident in a school’s ability to properly collect and distribute payment, these contractors can focus their time and energy on carrying out the most enriching experience possible for the participating students.

Save money!

Many schools use at least one merchant payment processing service to facilitate tuition payments and fees to use these services average 3-4% on all transactions — that adds up quickly!

With Finli, schools can save money while they make it by using our comprehensive platform to handle any and all financial transactions.