A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed, publicized, and aided our Finli Grant initiative. We are proud to announce that the Finli Grant has been awarded to 25 Black-owned neighborhood businesses in education and enrichment that continuously serve our communities. Each of these 25 businesses received a $500 grant in order to aid with their business endeavors. 

Finli launched the “Finli Grant” initiative in response to the ongoing battle against systemic racism. As a company who strives to financially lift (Fin-li) neighborhood businesses, we wanted our response to the Black Lives Matter movement to align with this mission. 

Here’s how you can continue to help! If you or your family know of any Black-owned small businesses in education or enrichment, feel free to refer them to apply. The Finli Grant application remains open and we will be awarding $500 grants on a rolling basis as long as funds are available. If you want to directly support the Finli Grant, you can donate here.