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Customer Spotlight: Eternal Aerial Arts Flies with Finli

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Eternal Aerial Arts, based in Houston, Texas, was born out of Owner & Instructor Peggy Ployhar’s love for the craft. After her daughter started taking aerial classes, Peggy began taking adult classes as well. After four years, she had progressed to the professional instructor level and was eager to begin sharing her passion with others. This year, when her friend purchased a CrossFit gym, she invited Peggy to rent part of the space and begin offering aerial classes as a side business. 

Starting Strong & Seamless

Already the owner of a nonprofit organization, Peggy was an experienced business owner. She knew she would need to learn how to accept business payments for her classes, and began thinking about options. Peggy had already known about Finli prior to starting Eternal Aerial Arts, so she signed up and began using the platform as soon as her doors were open. 

Offering Flexibility

Peggy wanted her students to be able to pay her easily, through whichever method worked best for them. She also wanted to keep everything cost-effective, for her business and her students, and stay on top of her accounting from the very beginning. She found this not only possible, but also intuitive, with Finli. 

Through the platform, she has been able to offer plenty of business payment options to her students, from credit card to ACH and beyond, and keep all of her contacts in one place. “Finli gives me a simple and easy way to collect payments from new customers and existing customers,” Peggy says. “I was glad for a great user experience, too. None of my families have had any qualms about interacting with the system, and the payments have been quick to process.” 

Everyone Soars

As she has been growing Eternal Aerial Arts over the past couple months, Peggy has discovered just how important the little things can be. When one student wanted to pay her in cash, she found she could send that person a digital request, accept the cash, and then mark it as collected offline in Finli. The student was able to pay her preferred way and Peggy was able to keep track of the payment easily, giving her one less item to keep track of in her busy day. 

Peggy has also become part of a workout cooperative, which people can sign up for and enjoy different classes from different gyms, all as part of a single membership. She wasn’t sure if using Finli for her billing would complicate this new arrangement, but it’s been smooth as silk. The workout cooperative was fine with Eternal Aerial Arts using Finli for billing, and Peggy and her students have benefited from using the platform too. 

“People don’t want to worry about paying when they get to my class, and I don’t want to worry about accepting payments,” says Peggy. “With Finli, all of that is taken care of through the platform so all my students need to do is show up and learn – all I need to do is show up and teach. And what’s  better than getting to teach people to fly?”

In the coming months, Eternal Aerial Arts is offering two-week mini sessions, camps and intensives so folks can come in, learn beautiful skills and get in a great workout before the holidays. As she manages her nonprofit and her aerial arts business, Peggy is grateful for the way that Finli takes the process of accepting customer payments off her plate. 

Are you using Finli to get paid and focus on your passion? You can start today!

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