Customer Spotlight: Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School Goes Digital with Finli

FInli Customer Spotlight - Chinese Language School

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The Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School, a nonprofit organization, has been operating for 32 years, offering an after-school program where students are taught traditional Chinese.

In addition to learning the language, the school’s primary goal is to pass on the traditions and ways of Chinese culture, like how to be respectful, polite, show appreciation and give back to one another. The school has dedicated funds to use to give scholarships and financial aid to kids who need it, helping families whenever they can. With an original location in Monterey Park, California, the school just opened a second location in Hacienda Heights. 

Managing the Chaos

Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School’s after-school program has served more than 2,000 students since its doors first opened. On a typical day, there will be 140 kids from seven different schools attending the program, making it a very busy and active place to be. Parents and students alike love all that the school offers, and Chiao Hsin has created a strong sense of community among its families. 

Every time there’s a school event, performance, or open house, the school gets as many as 400 to 500 people in attendance. Needless to say, there are a lot of students and a lot of administrative work that must go on behind the scenes in order to keep everything organized and running smoothly. 

Moving from Paper to Digital

Prior to Karl Wang, Campus Director, coming on board, everything was handled on paper. All the student information was kept in binders, and the sheer volume of paperwork was incredibly overwhelming. One of the first changes Karl implemented was a student information system that helped to collect all the disparate information and manage it. 

The next key was transitioning all other documentation to Google Drive, so there would be digital versions of all working documents from different departments and classrooms. Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School also needed to figure out the best way to get paid online. When the team researched how to collect money from your client base, they discovered Finli. Karl immediately found the platform to be easy to use and intuitive – they signed up and haven’t looked back.

Saving Staff Time

Before Finli, one of the school’s staff members would sit outside during dismissal to find and remind parents about tuition payments. Not only was this an incredibly time intensive process, it could also be rather awkward. Now with Finli, students’ families are automatically reminded to make payments, freeing up staff time and keeping staff-to-parent relationships more positive. 

“Finli has been serving us really well; it just works once you start using it,” says Karl. “We’ve had a great experience with our rep helping us along the way, too. I recommend that anyone who starts using Finli take advantage of having access to their rep and work closely with them, like we have.” 

Are you using Finli to get paid and save time? If not, try us today!

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