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Small Business Stories

Small business owners are the life of the neighborhood, hear their stories, successes and advice

5: Martial Arts Studios Navigating Through COVID

For this episode, we have a candid conversation about the grit and resilience of Martial Arts Studios through COVID-19 and beyond.

4: Dog Training Business Demystified

The dog training industry is fascinating. In this episode, Chelsea and I will take you on a journey to understand the customer experience as well as the thriving dog training industry. The business opportunities in this +$10billion vertical is drool worthy and rapidly growing year over year. Although businesses in this category are above average...

3: From Treasury Consultant to Family Therapist with Cynthia

Goodbye treasury. Hello families. Follow Cynthia’s journey from pursuing a lucrative career in treasury to finding her calling in family therapy. Hear her trials and triumphs, challenges of scaling her business, tips on mental health, research on culture as it relates to embracing therapy, and more…..

2: From Sassy Banker to Beloved Florist with Jenelle

So….. what do you do after a decade in Corporate America? You quit your stable job and open a flower shop of course! We could all dream of roses and eucalyptus but to Jenelle, this dream is reality. In this episode, we will follow her through motherhood, rose ceremonies, life’s purpose, all the while navigating...

1: From piano lessons to a traveling band with Chelsea

Love of music + love of people with a sprinkle of grit, a touch of fearlessness, and high dose courage reflect Chelsea’s delightful journey into entrepreneurship.

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