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Helpful Tips

Running a business is tough. We’ve compiled tips and best practices just for you.

3 Reasons You Should Consider Subscription Payments

When you think of subscription services, you may think of companies like Netflix, Spotify, or Hello Fresh. They’ve cemented their place in our lives by offering services that we can’t live without—and making payment for those services easy and automatic. Small businesses can learn from these payment models and, by extension, what frequent customers want...

How After-School Programs Can Prepare for Reopening

As the owner of an after-school program, you’ve been through a lot this year. From completely shutting down to scrambling to make most of your services accessible digitally, the transitions you made have taken up valuable time, energy, and, likely, revenue. But you made it work! Now that the world is preparing to reopen, you...

4 Ways to Grow Your Tutoring Business

So you’ve set up your tutoring business. First of all, congratulations! Tutoring has been around for as long as there has been formal education, but there’s no better time to enter the supplemental education industry than now. With the abrupt transitions into and out of virtual classrooms  parents are scrambling to make sure their kids...

4 Ways Finli Can Streamline Your Tutoring Business Today

When it comes to managing your small business, there are a few buzzwords that are always touted as magical time and effort savers: “digitization,” “streamlining,” and “automation.”  But for small and medium-sized tutoring businesses, how can you apply these timesavers in real life? Especially as you seek to grow your company, finding and maintaining a...

Make Payments Easy for Your Martial Arts Studio

Small businesses struggle with payment collection and payment options in a uniquely frustrating way. Class-based businesses like martial arts studios are a perfect case in point. Consider these scenarios, and if any of these have ever happened at your business: An instructor gives out a belt or uniform, and forgets to charge for it. A...

Using Invoices vs. Webpage Payments For Tutoring Businesses

Whether you run a dedicated tutoring business that supports your family, or you tutor in your free time to supplement your income, it’s pretty important that you are able to collect payments efficiently. Not only does a seamless payment system simplify things for your clients, it also increases overall customer satisfaction with your small business. ...

Why Organizing Your Martial Arts Student Data is key

When you first started your martial arts studio, you probably knew every parent and student by name, and remembered what classes they attended. You may have even recalled their preferences or what belt they had most recently earned. But as your business grew and continues to grow, it’s harder to remember everything and everyone! While...

4 ways businesses are using our scheduling feature to save time

Building a successful business starts as a labor of love. Your business is like a child. And just like a child, you want to surround your business with the best of everything — including the best software. When selecting software to support and grow your business, you should look for software that accommodates client information,...

Which scheduling system is right for your business?

Scheduling is one of the most important administrative parts of any small business.  It’s especially important for education businesses like martial arts studios, enrichment programs or tutors because the whole business is based around classes and appointments.   That’s why finding the right system to manage scheduling and booking is one of the most important decisions...

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