If you run a housekeeping business, how do you manage your payments? If you’re like many housekeepers, you might verbally tell your customers how much you charge and then accept cash or a check on the day you provide your services. But, have you considered invoicing and accepting digital payments instead? Here are four reasons that using an invoice system and learning how to send invoices for free can take your business to the next level. 

It makes your business look professional. 

By using an invoice system, you can instantly improve your business’ image. Customers will not only appreciate the consistency of a clean, nicely formatted bill, but also will like being able to see what they owe and how to pay. Furthermore, using standardized invoices helps you create and reinforce your brand image, which can help you get more referrals and leave customers with a positive impression of your business. 

It helps you get paid on time. 

Most housekeepers like to be paid upon completion of a given day’s work, but their customers may not have a check or cash on hand. This can create an awkward interaction between you and your customer, leaving them feeling put on the spot and you feeling stressed about not being paid on time. Using an invoicing app resolves these sorts of issues, making it quick and easy for customers to pay you right when you want them to. 

It’s convenient for your customers.

Payment by cash and check is not only less desirable for you, but also less convenient for your customers. Few people want to make an extra stop by an ATM to take cash out, and even fewer use checks at all these days. Such customers would be thrilled to be given digital payment methods instead, which is exactly what the right invoice system helps you do. 

It eliminates miscommunication. 

No housekeeper wants to be a debt collector when a payment is missed, but this is what they’re forced to do all too often. What’s worse still is when you follow up with a customer about a missed payment, and the customer claims they already paid you. If they pay with cash, there’s no trace of the payment and it can turn into an uncomfortable “he said/she said” scenario. 

By using an invoice system, you can be sure you sent an invoice and also avoid confusion over whether it has been paid or not. If a payment is late, you can send a reminder through your software. This keeps your relationships with your customers harmonious, which is exactly what they should be. And, the right software can further help you organize your client data and communicate with your customers seamlessly. This helps on your end, and helps your customers to feel valued and seen. 

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