Not sure if your small business can benefit from using paid digital ads? This episode dives deep into who should be using paid ads, how much to expect to pay for it, and how to get started. Listen now.

[3:13] – What is Paid Digital Advertising.

[5:19] – What is Paid Media, Social, and Search Engine Marketing?

[14:31] – Tips for Small Businesses on Social Media Advertisements

[19:09] – Is it just ads? More Marketing Avenues

[21:53] – Conversion Rate Optimization

[27:49] – How can SMBs Make sure they’re targeting the right people?

[31:42] – What Makes a Good Facebook Ad?

[35:41] – SMB Media and Ad Creator Tools

[37:59] – Should I create an Ad myself or outsource to an agency?

[43:37] – Ending Questions and Thoughts