When it comes to managing your small business, there are a few buzzwords that are always touted as magical time and effort savers: “digitization,” “streamlining,” and “automation.” 

But for small and medium-sized tutoring businesses, how can you apply these timesavers in real life?

Especially as you seek to grow your company, finding and maintaining a work-life balance is critical to your longevity. Using the right tools and applications can make all the difference in increasing your efficiency, while also offering impeccable customer service to your tutoring clients.

In our increasingly digital world, customers appreciate the ability to book and pay online, set automatic payments for recurring expenses, and receive communications in real-time via email or notification. But many small businesses still rely on foot traffic and playing phone tag, leaving them at a disadvantage when competing against larger companies.

Imagine having the ability to move all of your administrative functions into one beautiful, simple software, complete with customer-facing web pages. You’d be able to say goodbye to your spreadsheets, notepads, wall calendar, and separate accounting software! Now this is what it means to truly streamline your business. 

Think about all of the time you spend on tasks that don’t directly make you money:

  • Creating a schedule for tutoring slots
  • Delivering the schedule to all of your clients
  • Filling the schedule and making changes as there are cancellations
  • Creating and sending invoices
  • Following up on missed payments
  • Communicating with clients
  • Basic accounting to determine if everyone’s rates and discounts are up-to-date
  • Sending appointment reminders

A software like Finli offers you the opportunity to streamline, digitize, and automate your small business – and without any expensive upfront costs like a new website with integrated scheduling software.

Below we’ll talk about the top four ways that Finli can help you streamline your tutoring business and take you and your business into the 21st century. 

1. Set up Digital Scheduling

With Finli, you can set up digital scheduling that allows you to maintain all of your appointments in one place. 

This means you’ll never overbook your time again! Plus, you’ll save the time that it takes to deliver your schedule to your clients and keep them updated once there are cancellations. 

Your clients can even book their time slots themselves through our user-friendly web page. Gone are the days of creating and filling your schedule yourself. 

2. Set up Weekly or Monthly Auto Payments

How much time do you spend creating and sending invoices to your individual clients? Don’t forget to factor in the time that it takes to follow up on any missed payments. 

Use Finli to schedule weekly or monthly auto payments for your clients – giving them the flexibility to pay how and when they want, and removing the burden of following up on your end.

3. Keep All Your Customer Info in One Place 

With Finli, all of your customer information is housed in your back office. You can easily access contact information, class history, and current level of knowledge. 

No more sifting through your notes to find something you scribbled months ago!

4. Enable a Way to Email All Students or Parents at Once 

With Finli, you can email all of your students or their parents with pertinent information, like if you’re going on vacation or are offering a special rate.

When the experts talk about streamlining, this is what they mean!

Finli was designed to simplify small business scheduling and payments. Doing so can save you up to an hour each day, freeing up time to grow your business – or even take more time for yourself.

If you’re ready to learn more about how Finli can take your tutoring business to the next level of automation and professionalism, schedule a demo with us.

If you’re ready to streamline your business, Finli can help.