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Lori Shao, Founder and CEO

“Small business owners inspire me. They wake up every day and do what it takes to bring their passions to life for others. I founded Finli to help them focus on doing what they love most and worry less about the busywork that comes with running the business.”

What we believe

Finli was founded on the premise that small businesses are the backbone of our communities. They provide essential services to our children, our neighbors and our elders. Our mission is to financially lift (Fin-Li) and empower small businesses across the country to be the best they can be.

What we make

We built software that makes running a small business easier. We give business owners the piece of mind that the administrative tasks that comes with running a small business is up to date and streamlined so they can focus on increasing their revenue and serving their customers.

How we do it

We’re able to do it because of our customers and our team. Every one of our customers has helped us build what we have created today and we’re not stopping to innovate. Joining Finli is more than just using a software, you’re joining the Finli Famili.

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