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Tag: Martial Arts

How to Grow Your Martial Arts Business | Ultimate Guide

So you’ve started a martial arts studio. Now what’s the next step? Are you thinking about how you can enroll as many students as possible? Or how you can maximize your profits and increase your revenue? In this comprehensive guide to growing your martial arts business, you’ll find all the answers you need to grow...

Make Payments Easy for Your Martial Arts Studio

Small businesses struggle with payment collection and payment options in a uniquely frustrating way. Class-based businesses like martial arts studios are a perfect case in point. Consider these scenarios, and if any of these have ever happened at your business: An instructor gives out a belt or uniform, and forgets to charge for it. A...

Why Organizing Your Martial Arts Student Data is key

When you first started your martial arts studio, you probably knew every parent and student by name, and remembered what classes they attended. You may have even recalled their preferences or what belt they had most recently earned. But as your business grew and continues to grow, it’s harder to remember everything and everyone! While...

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