At Finli, we help small service businesses streamline the way they collect payments and run their business. From martial arts studios to dog training centers (and everything in between!), we take care of the busy work and day-to-day admin that comes with running a business. 

One way we do that is by giving you the ability to create an unlimited number of website checkout pages where your customers can purchase and schedule your services.

In our latest update, you now have the ability to both auto-publish and duplicate your pages or classes quickly and easily. Need to make a last minute update to your Saturday morning yoga class? Want to take down a class that just ended? Want to offer the same class, but hired an extra person to teach it because it was just so popular? Now you can in just a couple of seconds! 


With our new auto-publish feature, you can write, edit, and publish your classes in the blink of an eye. It’s easy to preview your pages and see what your customers see. If you’d like to make changes or if there’s any update you’d like to add, it’s simple to make edits on the fly. You’ll see your edits reflected on your page immediately. 

Once your class is over, you have the ability to take down the page, so customers no longer have the option to sign up. Once you publish your new page with the updated dates and information, they’ll be able to sign up there. 


Do you offer similar classes? Do you offer the same class but with different instructors? You’ll love our duplication feature. Now you can duplicate an existing class page, make your edits, and save it as a new page! What a time-saver! 

We’re constantly adding new features to make it easy for your customers to access and pay you so that you can be paid on time, every time, so you can spend less time worrying about getting paid and more time doing what you love.

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