Once we get our customers setup with payments, and cash flow challenges go away, we ask them what other pain points they have that we can help them out with.  By far, the biggest request is for us to help with booking and scheduling.  So we searched for a booking system that met their needs and we came to the same conclusion that they did there wasn’t a great system out there made specifically for small education-based businesses!

Most businesses we spoke to were cobbling together free tools (like Google Calendars or Calendly).  Some people were paying good money for business management systems but weren’t able to use their booking engine because it didn’t work for their business!  (See our competitor comparison article here to see how our features stack up to other solutions in the market).  So we decided to build a simple booking and scheduling system that would work for you.  

We’ve just released our first version of this product and we’d like to invite you to try it.  Book a demo with a member of our team. 

1. We’re the best system to offer both appointments and classes

The main complaint that we heard was that most booking systems out there didn’t have the ability to easily create both private appointments and public group classes.  So we created the ability to do both.

Private Appointments are used heavily by our tutoring center and therapy clients for one-time and recurring events.  But they are also used by enrichment centers and even daycares that use the bookings for parent/teacher conferences.  The way private appointments work is that the business defines blocks of time that they are available for customers to book time with them.  That time is then blocked on the businesses’s calendar.

Group Classes are a way to offer multi-participant sessions and are a great way to keep schedules aligned between the business and students or parents.  We see our afterschool programs really leverage this to keep calendar reminders on parent calendars and to monitor class sizes.  The way group classes work is that a set amount of time is blocked out on the businesses’s calendar and customers can sign up to join those events.  We recommend every business offer “open house” events as part of their customer acquisition strategy.  

Classes section on the Finli page will now show you the option to decide between class types: Private Appointment or Group Class.


2. Built for a virtual world

We started working on this feature in mid-2020, so remote learning and all the difficulties associated with it were top of mind as we were helping our customers adapt with technology.  So we built in features to make it easier to schedule classes remotely using any video conferencing software you use (such as Zoom, Google Meet, and any other) and allowing for the quick switch between virtual and in-person classes as regulations and ordinances change.

Finli class description page now allows users to decide between online or in-person classes.

3. Designed with your customers in mind

The interface for customers is intuitive and easy to use and offers great features like gifting and leaving a note for the instructor.  And if you prefer that some or all of your customers book through you, you can still leverage all the great features by using this system internally.  However your business works, our goal is to make the booking and scheduling process as easy as possible for your customers – as easy to book through you as it is to book through online class databases like takelessons.com and airbnb experiences, but allowing you to retain full control of your services and your revenue!

Finli's calendar interface has a simple calendar layout with available times for the selected date on the right.

4. Integrated Payments & Customer Management

Speaking of revenue, we completely integrated the new booking software into the Finli portal so that your customer’s booking and paying for the class is one seamless experience.  You get the funds immediately, can have the customer sign up for recurring payments, and you get all of the customer information in your Finli portal.  Your customer can see all of their activity on the Finli app.

Customer management page is sectioned into status, name, students, email, and tags associated with them.

5. And the best for last – this service is free to you!

Our goals is to give you the tools you need for your business to thrive and scheduling/booking is a key part to that.  So we’ve included this service in our platform completely free of charge. We’d love to walk you through setting up your first class or appointment or any questions that you may have.  Please reach out today, we’d love to hear from you!

Try out our scheduling feature! Book a demo with a member of our team >>>> Book demo here.